"Dr. Noor is extremely confident in her procedures and did a great job on my leg. The staff was very helpful with all aspects of preparing me for my procedure. Thanks!"

Gregory B
Lockport, NY

"As someone who has had multiple procedures in the hospital, I much preferred having a procedure outside of the hospital. I received much more personal attention from the staff and they were always asking for my feedback"

Neil C.

“From my very first appointment to my procedure at AccessCare, the staff has been wonderful and they’ve answered all my questions. Everyone here treats you as part of a family and are absolutely amazing. I was in and out of my procedure within an hour and I had no pain–compared to being in the hospital for 12 hours. I recommend AccessCare 100%!”

Lester G.

“My experience at AccessCare was very pleasant–during the procedure, the team talked to me and explained everything they were doing. They cared a lot about how I felt and wanted me to keep telling them how I was doing. I’d much rather be here than at a hospital!”

Neil C.

“I preferred having a procedure out of the hospital, and everyone at AccessCare was very cordial and very attentive. They explained every step of the procedure, and made sure I was very comfortable.” 

Tara D.

"The best part of the center was the attention and care I was given from the time I entered until I went home"

Linda A.

"The doctors and staff were very professional and excellent. The facility has a very modern look and convenient location."

Diane L.

“After my procedure at Access Care with Dr. Noor, my legs were back to 100%. I can now walk through the grocery store with ease!”

Betty K.

"The receptionist was kind, very helpful and professional. The two technicians who performed my Doppler process were likewise knowledgeable and professional. The facility was clean and neat and my wait time was only 10-15 minutes.”

James F.